Архив старых отчётов - Всё начинается с дозирования - HEUFT knows how
HEUFT maxi-flip отбраковщик выталкивает контейнеры с различным весом по тому же самому пути

HEUFT maxi-flip отбраковщик выталкивает контейнеры с различным весом по тому же самому пути

The dosage makes the difference

Rejectors ensure quality. When a fault is detected the respective container must be removed from the production flow. This proves to be a demanding task if the containers have different weights. Simply diverting the container may cause large water and soft drink bottles to fall over and large jars and cases to collide and break. The rejection force must be carefully measured out in such cases – and the HEUFT maxi-flip is up to it.

Here is an example:  two containers are rejected while filling large jars with fruit.  One container is completely filled while the other is only half-full.  If both jars are rejected in the usual way, the lighter one could bump into the guide rail and break due to the higher transversal acceleration.  In this case the area concerned would have to be cleaned and cleared up.

The rejection of cases also clearly shows the difficulty of the task:  when cases with different weights are rejected, they have to be led to the rejection lane – and it goes without saying that they must be handled gently, with care to the material.

This is the strength of the HEUFT maxi-flip.  The intelligent rejection system indirectly calculates the weight of the container to be rejected and determines the rejection force required in real time.  In this way the stroke is adapted – all containers are moved with the same rejection curve.  At the same time the rejection plate moves parallel to the container thus providing additional guidance and preventing the container from falling over.

 The advantages of this system are obvious:  reduced downtimes save time and money, improved hygienic conditions ensure the quality of the product.  The robust construction with few moving parts and pivot bearing is only subject to minimum wear and tear.  The dosage makes the difference – HEUFT knows how.

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