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The benchmark for empty bottle inspection

The benchmark for empty bottle inspection


empty bottle inspector

An all–around inspection of glass and plastic containers before filling – the HEUFT InLine solves this task using a minimum amount of space whilst providing maximum inspection quality. Glass faults, foreign objects and contamination are detected by the compact empty bottle inspector particularly precisely. The HEUFT InLine covers the whole container volume completely with its base, finish and fourfold sidewall inspection.


  • base inspection
  • inspection of the finish area
  • sidewall inspection for detecting contamination and damage
  • inspection for detecting damage to the thread
  • inspection especially for detecting transparent foil in the bottle
  • mineral ring detection
  • scuffing detection
  • two residual liquid detections (for lye and water as well as varnish and oil)
  • rust ring detection


  • series production makes short delivery times and a very attractive price possible
  • fast and precise reproducible brand adjustments
  • excellent detection quality due to tailor–made hardware and software
  • the HEUFT reflexx image processing system for the highest inspection quality with a minimum false rejection rate
  • very hygienic due to an open construction – a machine platform with a flangeless superstructure
  • folding sidewall inspection module for optimal accessibility
  • simple upgrading and retrofitting due to the modular design
  • integrated future–proof network interface (Industrial Ethernet, TCP/IP)
  • remote service connection via the Internet and the SQL/DDE database interface

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